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We are recruiting 360 men and women for a 6 month study of a web-based smoking program in employment service agencies. Job-seekers who smoke are invited to participate, regardless of intention to quit smokingParticipants will receive up to $100 for their time over the 6 month study

Welcome to the Total IMPACT Study Site! ​

Job-seekers are more likely to be smokers. 

Project Total IMPACT is testing whether quitting smoking helps people find work. 

Any information you provide will be kept private & confidential, and will not be shared with third parties. Taking part in this study is voluntary, and signing up does not guarantee eligibility.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as a subject in this study, you may contact the Stanford Institutional Review Board (IRB) at (650) 724-7141.

Get healthy. Get hired.

Project Total IMPACT